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Annie Weatherburn - Managing Director (Australia) and President (USA) 

ABSI has grown to include many wonderful schools since 2010.  We have staff based in Australia, U.S.A., N.E. Asia, S.E. Asia, South Korea, and Japan.  We work with valued education agencies on behalf of the ABSI group of schools in approx. 20 countries around the World.  We also work with Australian and United States of America Government agencies ensuring our schools and agents remain compliant to regulations.

As the International Student Admissions Centre, our schools have appointed ABSI to handle all international matters and student enquires/applications.   ABSI is 'not' an education agency.  ABSI is part of the school's admissions team.  

ABSI INTRANET:  We are delighted to provide access to School staff, and Agency Representatives' (Counsellors) with whom ABSI currently and actively works.   Access enables schools to provide up-to-date information and for Education Counsellors to access the information provided by schools. 

NEW AGENTS:  For any agency to be considered as a representative of the ABSI schools, we require the AGENCY DETAILS FORM (Click Link) to be completed and returned.  References will be checked.  The form includes procedures which must be followed by an Agency before ABSI recommends an Agency to the School for the sign-off and issuance of an Agency Agreement.  Only those authorized to sign Agency Agreements for your Agency (i.e. Principal, Director, Owner, Manager) are given access to the Agency Agreement area of our intranet.  

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We welcome your subscription to our intranet site. Once subscribed you will be able to view our Calendar of Event Attendances. SNAPSHOT 2018: Our ABSI USA and AUSTRALIAN staff have many event attendances planned throughout January to May. Late in 2017 we were busy attending events in Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and making visits to our schools.

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